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 Coal Ash Legal Fund
  • Coal Ash Legal Fund established to oppose disposal of toxic coal ash along the Altamaha River near Jesup. We have partnered with local residents of Wayne County to campaign against high-risk dumping of potentially millions of tons of cancer-causing coal ash. Learn more at The Center is administering the legal fund at no cost and has shared our own funds to get the campaign started. September 25, 2016
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 Jekyll Redevelopment Issues
  • Jekyll master plan: Tail wags dog The Islander 9.27.21
  • FINAL Comments on the Jekyll Island Master Plan October 2013 10.30.13
  • Map erroneously portrays flooded tidal marshes as land.
    Jekyll map depicting artificially inflated boundary that erroneously classifies tidal wetlands as "land above water at mean high tide." If this deeply flawed boundary definition is accepted, nearly 500 more acres on Jekyll will be made eligible for development by falsely boosting the 35% limit set by state law. Aerial photos show that much of the area depicted on this map as tidal marsh above water at mean high tide is actually water-covered at that time, thus clearly disqualifying it from being counted as "land," in accordance with requirements of the 65-35 statute. 10.22.13
  • Letter to the Editor of The Brunswick News By David Kyler. Editor: I am troubled that the Jekyll Island Authority is proposing to include any portion of the tidal marsh as part of the calculated area of upland on Jekyll Island... more. 4.17.13
  • In late October, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources approved a temporary but significant disruption of a 4.5 acre site along the ocean shore at Jekyll Island State Park without issuing a permit, as required by the state Shore Protection Act... Atlanta Journal Constitution December 23, 2010 by David Kyler, Executive Director, Center for a Sustainable Coast ... more 1.28.11
  • On Jekyll Island, 4.5 acres of beach and dunefield are being altered with heavy equipment for making a 20th Century Fox movie. Despite these areas being regulated under Georgia's Shore Protection Act, DNR approved it with a "letter of permission" and no permit was issued. As a result, no public hearing was held and there was no opportunity for the public to comment before heavy equipment began moving tons of sand. For more about this issue, including photos, go to Look for the item entitled "The X-Men Film and Jekyll's Beachfront." For postings on the issue, go to the Save Jekyll Facebook page, also linked from that homepage. ~ David Kyler, Center for a Sustainable Coast 12.24.10
  • Jekyll Island - MAJOR ACTION ALERT! Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island ... more     9.2.10
  • "Tail wags, dog stays" Op Ed from the Savannah Morning News by David Kyler, Executive Director Center for a Sustainable Coast     10.15.08
  • Jekyll Island: How Much is Too Much? Center's summary of the current situation with Jekyll Island Redevelopment, from the Spring-Summer 2008 issue of the Center's newsletter.
    [Note: To receive a copy of the newsletter by mail or email, please contact the Center at 912-638-3612.]     7.12.08

  • Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island The non-profit organization that we are working closely with in analyzing and commenting on Jekyll Island Authority activities and proposed development of the state park. 7.12.08
  • A Walk Through Jekyll's Maritime Forest, A web-based slide show hosted by the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island. 7.12.08
  • Information on the relationship between Georgia's Shore Protection Act and proposals to redevelop Jekyll Island. 7.12.08
  • Jekyll Project Still Falls Short by David Kyler, Executive Director, Center for a Sustainable Coast; Link to the Savannah News Article     5.22.08
  • Natural treasure must be protected From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by David Kyler, Executive Director, Center for a Sustainable Coast; From news coverage of the redevelopment plan for Jekyll Island, you might get the uneasy impression that the major makeover project is nearly ready for the surveyors and construction crews to start working....more     12.10.07
  • Jekyll Island Redevelopment Survey: In late July, the Center began conducting a brief survey of collaborating non-profit groups to determine:
    (1) their preferences for the Island's redevelopment,
    (2) ideas for establishing a process for overseeing that redevelopment, and
    (3) how the public interest could be protected by using proper tracking and ongoing evaluation.
    A compilation of survey responses and their respective sources is reported here.
  • Jekyll Island redevelopment a question of balance From the Athens Banner-Herald by David Kyler, Executive Director, Center for a Sustainable Coast; Contrary to popular belief, the clash over Georgia's Jekyll Island is not about altering the existing agreement to develop only 35 percent of its area - it's about how that 35 percent will be redeveloped.....more     3.17.07
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