Promising growth in clean energy investments.

David Kyler, Executive Director
Center for a Sustainable Coast
St. Simons Island, GA

Despite Georgia's tendency to favor coal and nuclear power, promising headway is being made - nationally and worldwide - to reduce the pollution and waste of these conventional forms of energy. Converting to clean energy like wind and solar will help clean our air and water, create jobs, and reverse the threatening trend in accumulation of carbon in our oceans and atmosphere.

"Clean energy investment, excluding research and development, has grown by 600 percent since 2004, on the basis of effective national policies that create market certainty," said Phyllis Cuttino , director of Pew's Clean Energy Program.

"This increase was due in part to the number of countries that have implemented effective national policies to support the clean energy market. In the United States, which attracted $48 billion last year, investors took advantage of the country's stimulus programs before they expired at the end of 2011, as well as the production tax credit for electricity from renewable energy, which is to end this December."

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