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To strengthen public understanding about critical coastal natural resource and development issues, and to advise decision makers responsible for protecting the public interest, the Center publishes position statements, editorials, technical reports, and other items. We believe such materials, as well as other information on this website, are key to educating the public about these vital issues and their relevance to individual choices as consumers, employers and employees, homeowners, voters and taxpayers that shape our communities. The Center encourages web users to review these items and to circulate them among your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We also welcome the opportunity to make presentations about our work at meetings of civic associations, church groups, and other local organizations. Please contact the Center by phone or email to schedule a special presentation on a topic of your choice.
All Center documents are 2016 Center For A Sustainable Coast. Please reference our organization when you use our documents. Please notify us when you use our information in your publication.

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