Who We Are

The Center for a Sustainable Coast was formed in 1997 by a group of public-spirited environmental professionals and concerned citizens.

The purpose of our non-profit membership organization is to improve the responsible use, protection, and conservation of coastal Georgia's resources - natural, historic, and economic.

We envision a region where the environmental interests of all existing and future Georgians are properly represented in decisions that affect them.

The Center believes that the public deserves the best possible protection of our environmental interests and quality of life, while enjoying responsible use of this region's diverse natural resources.

Join the Center & Help Sustain Coastal Georgia's Quality of Life!

Board Members & Officers

Steve Willis (President)
Retired consultant, artist,
and environmental activist

Mindy Egan (Vice President)
Co-Founder and Co-Director,
Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island,
coastal environmental advocate.

Dorset Hurley (Treasurer)
Fisheries Biologist, retired.
John Train (Secretary)
Financial Analyst, retired
David Kyler (Executive Director)

Staff & Working Contributors

David Kyler
Executive Director
Karen Grainey
Assistant Director

Principal Advisors & Affiliations

Alan Bailey
Landowner & Forestlands Manager
Melissa G. Booth, PhD.
Science consultant, writer and speaker
Marc Frischer
Senior Coastal Research Scientist
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Chester Jackson, PhD.
Coastal Geologist
Georgia Southern University

Barrett King
Public Administrator
Ron Kneib, PhD
Senior Marine Research Consultant
Jim Reichard, PhD
Hydrologist, Georgia Southern University

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