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The Center is the ONLY non-profit organization devoted exclusively to protecting the interests of Georgiaís coast. Our mission is to advance a lasting, responsible approach to coastal development, raising the publicís awareness about both emerging problems and opportunities and, as needed, strengthening the use of law to protect our quality of life - including favorable economic prospects.

The Center cannot keep you informed on critical issues and defend your interests without your help. Tax-deductible contributions from our members and friends meet nearly half of our budget obligations - so your donation is vital to the Centerís efforts.

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PS: This year we have a unique opportunity to secure a grant providing dollar-for-dollar matching funds to support Save Georgia's Coast, a group of six collaborating organizations (including the Center) in efforts to improve enforcement of environmental laws protecting Georgia's coast. Please consider dedicating at least 20% of your contribution to the Center toward that matching grant.

David Kyler
Executive Director
Center for a Sustainable Coast
Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Phone 912.638.3612



"Conserving Coastal Georgia's Natural Heritage
Investing in Our Children's Future"
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